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Sam O. Smah, PhD, is Sociology Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice Administration, National Open University of Nigeria and an alumnus of the University of Jos, Nigeria where he obtained Doctorate, Master of Science and Bachelor’s degrees. He engages in project design, evaluation, capacity development and social sciences research. He is Consultant, social issues and presently Director, Students’ Industrial Work Experience Scheme and Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management.
He has worked at the Centre for Development Studies/Department of Sociology, University of Jos (Research Professor) 1991-2007; Nasarawa State University, Keffi (Professor) 2007-2017; and National Open University of Nigeria (Professor) 2017-date. Among others, he’s member, EU-supported Technical Working Group on Migration and Development; recipient UNESCO scholarship (Paris, 2004); winner  “Competitive Award to Academic Staff”, Jos/Carnegie Partnership Committee; member, Stakeholders’ Forum, National Agency for the Prohibition of Traffic in Persons & Other Related Matters (2005-06); member, Technical Committee/Task Team, “Exam Malpractice and Campus Safety”, Federal Ministry of Education (Abuja, 2007). He’s held several administrative and academic positions in the university, served as external examiner/assessor at home and abroad; panelist, National Universities Commission (NUC)’s Accreditation missions; panelist, national and international television and radio programmes; and member, National Research Fund Screening and Monitoring Committee (TETFUND, 2015-). He’s received international recognition, including the 1997 “Juvenile Delinquency & Juvenile Violence in Jos, Nigeria” study, rated “landmark in the promotion of research”. Prof. Smah’s scholarship is in Sociological Criminology, Criminal Justice, Cyber criminality, Security administration, Migration, Penology, Methods and Theories. He’s travelled extensively as academic citizen.



  • Programme development
  • Examination administration
  • Students’ project supervision
  • Management



  • Corruption and governance
  • Crime and insecurity
  • Social formations
  • Migration
  • Violence



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  1. Chairman, Migration Study Centre, Abuja-Nigeria (2015-date)
  2. Member, Technical Working Group on Migration and Development (2015-date)
  3. Honorary Member, Research Board of Advisors, The American Bibliographical Institute, North Carolina, USA (2004-date)



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  2. Smah, S. O (August 26-28, 2017). Human resources imperative for the development of senior and junior-level staff of educational institutions in Nigeria. Paper presented at the Workshop organised by Exam Ethics Marshals International Ltd. Abuja, held at Agura Hotel Abuja on 26-28 August, 2017
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