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I grew up in a lower-class African family in Obohia- Ndoki, Eastern Nigeria. I am one of three boys. I purposed in my early life that I will attain higher education despite the economic doldrum in that period.I had a stinct period with Ajaokuta steel company before proceeding to University of calabar in 1988.Did my masters in Sociology and International Law, all from the university of Lagos between 2001 and 2007 when thereafter I was employed in National Open University of Nigeria as a lecturer.









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  1. Member, National Association of Sociological and Anthropological Society of Nigeria
  2. Member, Nigerian Association of International Lawyers
  3. Member, Nigerian Institute of International Affairs
  4. Member, Information Resource Center, United States Consulate General
  5. Member, Education USA, U.S. Consulate General



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  1. Sir Arthur Nzeribe Best Student Scholarship Award 1989.
  2. National Open University of Nigeria Field Research Project, 2014, Funded by the University Management) Kidnapping in the Eastern Geographical Zone of Nigeria: A Comparative Study of the Role of Education as a Panacea.