DRAA In-House Workshop Series

DRAA In-House Workshop Series

Dr. Andee Iheme-  Public Relations as it relates to Research Administration, Advancement, Linkages and Partnerships


Prof Ogidan- International Linkages and Partnerships


Prof. Oyeronke A. Odunola - Finding your Path in Research Administration


Dr. Mande Samaila - Public Relations and Research Administration, Advancement, Linkages & Partnership Operations

  • Dr. Mande Samaila, Ag. Dean of the School of Postgraduate Studies and the resource person, started by defining Public relations as goodwill, positive image and mutual understanding between an organisation and its publics. It is about healthy communication with a view to winning the affection of members of the public and Research as active engagement with the relevant domain of the world around us, leadership in thinking and doing, continual learning from, communication with, and dissemination to others.

He highlighted the role of Public Relations in organisations as:
a    Planning and execution of all Public Relations related campaigns and programmes
b    Arranging press conferences, event coverage, open days, press monitoring, public relations and facility visits for the media
c    Clears all materials meant for publications, news stories and information that concerns a particular department with the departmental head before sending or releasing to the press.
He emphasized what he called the bedrocks of effective persuasion as credibility, reasoning, motivation, refutation, effective communication environment, and interest.
He affirmed that in order for universities to secure access to economic resources for research, increasingly strict demands will be placed on the benefit of this research for commercial or other societal development in the short and long term.
The universities need to develop the capability of using the research knowledge for new products or services.
He listed the challenges in enhancing the utilisation of research results as:
a    The universities must continue to develop enduring networks and relationship that are based on mutual trust between the parties
b    Leaders within academia must highlight the importance of collaboration with industry and society
c    Documentation of measurable deliverables as a part of the academic qualification systems
d    A specific challenge in supporting innovation activities will be to identify forms for the commercialisation of research innovations if the researchers         themselves do not want to bring the idea on to commercial level
e    Supporting systems must be developed for resource-efficient utilisation of results, so that researchers can continue to focus on their research activities.
He concluded by listing factors that lead to success as business case, trust and integrity, general partnership principles, research collaboration / IP principles, realistic expectations, support from senior leadership, partnership champions, strong interpersonal relationships, good governance practices and good management practices.


Professor Ibikunle H. Tijani - Staying in the Fog or Getting into the Loop? 

In his presentation, Prof. Ibikunle Tijani, Centre Director, NURTW Special Study Centre, Garki, Abuja, contextualized the DRAA as the cockpit of the institution, the powerhouse for global and national ranking, anchor of research activities, and an advisory body in line with the NOUN Act and Senate Committee system. It also drives University wide research agenda and Journal Publications, serves as a clearing house for Faculty/Department based journals, and coordinates implementation of research aspects of MOUs, builds the Database for research and webometric ranking. It should be able to provide visibility on Researchgate and other avenues to showcase research output, and promote NOUN’s academic integrity.
He listed the various areas DRAA can provide support for academics and other stakeholders as Grants, Advancement, and Development in the under listed areas:
a    Alumni and advancement
b    Industrial linkages
c     Seek and implement grants
d    Endowment campaigns
e    Seeding Labs
f    Carnegie African Diaspora
g    Association of Commonwealth Scholarships/Fellowships
h    US Fulbright Scholarships/Fellowships and other opportunities, International Council for Open and Distance Learning Education
i    MOU follow up, and would require support of the Legal Unit.