Dr Temilola Apena

Dr Temilola Apena

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Dr. Temilola Apena is a graduate of the prestigious University of Lagos, a professional Adult Educator who has interest in Gerontology and Retirement, Literacy, Adult and Non-formal Education and Distance Learning. She is a committed lecturer in the department of Educational Foundations, Faculty of Education. A programme handler who has supervided a number of students at various levels and have initiated the commencement of a new programme(Adult Education) in the Faculty  by writing a Detailed Programme Proposal (DPP) for the intended programme.





  • Coordinating programme
  • Supervising students’ project
  • Facilitating courses





  • Gerontology
  • Adult and Non-Formal education
  • Open and Distance Learning
  • Adult Literacy





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•    5th Annual National Conference on Education, National Security and Economic Empowerment. Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto 5th – 8th November 2018  
•    UIDLC 2018 International Conference on Enhancing Inclusive and Equitable Quality Education Through Open and Distance Education  28th - 31st October 2018
•    4th Annual International Conference onof the Faculty of Education, Niger Delta University 27th-31st August 2018   
•    Ist International Conference of Social Sciences (ICOSSS’ 2018) NOUN Abuja 24th - 27th June 2018
•    1st Annual International Conference (AE-FUNAI 2018) 23rd – 26th April
•    University of Ibadan Institute of Education 5th Annual Conference 20th - 23rd November 2017
•    University of Ibadan, Faculty of Education Conference 13th – 16th June 2017
•    World Adult Education Conference, University of Ibadan 8th – 12th August 2016
•    Nigerian National Council for Adult Education Conference 14th-15th October 2015 (University of Lagos)
•    International Conference and Exhibition on Learning Technologies 29th-30th September 2015 (University of Ibadan)
•    1st Annual Conference National Open University of Nigeria School of Education 8th-11th September 2014 (NOUN V/I Lagos)
•    Seventh Pan-Commonwealth Forum on Open Learning 2nd-6th December 2013 (International Conference Centre Abuja)
•    National Association for Science, Humanities and Education Research Annual National Conference 25th-28th July 2012.

•    Assessment of the Imperatives of Adult and Non-formal Education as Panacea to Insecurity and Economic Empowerment in South-western Nigeria
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•    Assessment of the Impact of Adult and Non-Formal Education for Social Reform and Security in Lagos State      
•    Rethinking Healthy Ageing in the Context of Environmental Friendliness for Sustainable Development
•    Assessment of Facilitators Satisfaction and Performance on Adult Learners: A case of National Open University of Nigeria
•    Scanning the Quality of Open and Distance Learning as a Yardstick for Acceptability and Marketability
•    Effective Implementation of Adult Education as a Panacea for Instability and Unrest in Nigeria: A Case Study of Ikorodu, Lagos, Nigeria
•    Incorporating Blended Technology into Adult Education through Open Educational Resources and Massive Open Online Resources
•    Enhancing quality delivery and feedback in open distance learning through teacher monitoring, evaluation and teaching standards
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