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Runde Musa

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Dr. Runde Musa is an Academic Staff of Department of Pure and Applied Sciences, Faculty of Science, National Open University of Nigeria. He obatined the following Academic Degrees: First Degree in Biochemistry, University of Maiduguri Nigeria (2006), Maters of Science Degree in Petroleum Chemistry, Usman Danfodio University Sokoto (2010) and Ph.D Organic Chemistry Modibbo Adama University of Technology Yola.
In 2012 he worked on the Comparative Studies of Nigeria and Imported Gasoline. 
Subsequent research were focust on the effect of Essential Oils on Disease Causing Pathogenes and Free Radicals.
His interest in essential oils research led to his popular invention of a modified steam distiller, a technique being adopted by many scholars.
His Future research interest is ‘Application of Volatile Alkaloids in Management of Tropical Diseases’.
As part of his services to the Community he has designed an Application for easy medical service access currently adopted by Neighbour Health Specialist. 
Before joining Academics, he has worked with several local and multinational drug companies.





  • Writing and Editing of Course Materials
  • Research
  • Community Development
  • Facilitation of courses
  • Project Supervision
  • Setting of TMA, Exams and upload
  • Exams Marking Subject Officer
  • Linkages and partnership
  • Research Inovation and Uptake 



  • General Chemistry of Essential Oils
  • Medicinal Application of Essential Oils  
  • Volatile Alkaloids and Tropical Diseases
  • Plants Metabolites in Drug Resistance Complexity



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  1. Member, Chemical Society of Nigeria
  2. Member, Institute of Chattered Chemists of Nigeria



  1. Chemical Society of Nigeria (2018)