Dr. Gabriel Chibuzor Job

Dr. Gabriel Chibuzor Job

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Acting Centre Director, Port - Harcourt Study Centre

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Dr. Gabriel Chibuzor Job was born on the 25th January, 1963 in Rumuodo- Rumuekini Town Obio/Akpor LGA of Rivers State. He attended the State Primary School, Rumuekini/Rumuosi between 1971-1976. County Grammar School Ikwerre/Etche for his secondary education 1976- 1981. University of Ibadan, Rumuorlumini Campus- between 1986- 1990- (B. Ed English). University of Port-Harcourt – 1993-1996 (M. Ed Educational Technology) and University of Uyo -2005- 2010 (Ph. D Educational Technology). Dr. Job, G. C has worked in diverse positions before joining the academic environment. Between 1981-1984 – Store Record Clerk –O. C. C (Nig) Ltd. 1985 – 1986 – Finiance Officer- Mascot Services. 1990/1991 Senior Tutor- Yagba local Government Secondary School, Ejigba- KOgi State. 1993/4 –Special Assistant to the Executive Chairman- Obio/Akpor- on Education Matters. 1995 – Education Secretary Obio/Akpor LGEA, 1997- Education Secretary – Etche LGEA, 1998-9- Education Secretary Emohua LGEA. 2001-2003 Special Assistant to the Executive Chairman – Obio/Akpor  LGA- on Land Matters. 2003- 2010 CEO – Omarim Agencies. 2011 till date Lecturer NOUN. Currently Acting Centre Director, Port-Harcourt Study Centre, Ozuoba, along NTA road.




Day-to-day administration of Port-Harcourt Study Centre.








      ( a)  Theses and Dissertation

  • Job, G. C. (1996).  The Correlation between working Conditions of Teachers and

         the Academic Performance of English Language Teachers in Obio/Akpor  

         LGA.  A Thesis submitted to Faculty of Education, University of Port-Harcourt

         for award of Master of Educational Technology.

  • Job, G. C. (2010).  Effects of Concept Mapping teaching Strategies on

         Academic Performance and Retention of SS II English Language Students

         in Rivers State.  A Ph. D Dissertation submitted to University of Uyo.


      (b) Books and Chapters in Books

  • Samuel, J & Job, G. (2011). Micro Teaching at a Glance. Joe Mankpa

           Publishers; Owerri.

  • Job, G. C & Wale, A (2013). ODL 713: Design and Development of Open and

          Distance Learning Media (3 credit units). National Open University of

          Nigeria, www.nou.edu.ng


      Chapter in Book

  • Job, G. C. (2011). Concept Mapping Instructional Strategy: in  Adeyemi  & Awe

         (Eds).  Rebranding Nigerian Educational System.  National Open University

         of Nigeria.   Pp 444-455.

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        Education. Pp 102 -114


      (c) Journal Articles

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       and the Use of Internet Services in Federal College of Education in North

       Central Nigeria. African Educational Research Network. The African

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